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About Basant Sales Corporation.

BASANT SALES CORPORATION is serving the machine tools industries and is one of the  pioneer  Manufacturer and exporters of POWER PRESSES, FRICTION SCREW PRESSES,  SHEARING MACHINES, PRESS BRAKES  in Mechanical and Pneumatic Clutch Models. BASANT SALES CORPORATION is a well-known name in the field of Power presses Forging Presses, Shearing Machines. The company has an aim to manufacture more accurate and zero defect products with High quality raw-material. Thus to serve the industry with its quality products 

Our Process

Highly Productive.

Design & Engineering

"Leading with design and engineering expertise, Bansal Sales Corporation delivers tailored solutions. We innovate with precision, ensuring reliability and quality from concept to completion. Trust us for unmatched service and satisfaction in every project."


"Bansal Sales Corporation: Your dependable choice for fabrication solutions. With expertise and dedication, we engineer precise products tailored to your needs. Rely on us for top-tier fabrication services that surpass expectations, guaranteeing satisfaction."

Hydraulics & Electricals

"Bansal Sales Corporation: Your go-to destination for top-notch hydraulics and electrical solutions. Backed by expertise in both domains, we offer innovative products and services customized to your specifications. Trust us for dependable, high-performance solutions that perfectly match your needs."


"Bansal Sales Corporation: Your reliable destination for assembly services. With precision and efficiency, we tailor assembly to your specifications. Trust us for high-quality solutions that streamline operations and exceed expectations."

Trials & Testing

"Bansal Sales Corporation: Your foremost choice for trials and testing services. With meticulous expertise, we conduct comprehensive evaluations to guarantee product reliability and performance. Count on us for testing that exceeds industry standards."

After Sales Service

"Bansal Sales Corporation: Your reliable choice for after-sales service. With dedicated expertise, we ensure your satisfaction long after purchase. Trust us for prompt assistance, maintenance, and tailored solutions to meet your needs."

Basant Brilliance

Embrace a new era of innovation and quality with Basant Power Press. Setting the standard for power press machinery, Basant's commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of their products.